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May 2008


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Brahms' Requiem tonight and tomorrow!

If you’re in the mood for a great (free!) concert tonight or tomorrow, come check out the Caltech Glee Clubs and the Occidental-Caltech Orchestra as we present Brahms’ “A German Requiem.” Details are on the calendar!

Just for a thrill…

I’ve been pondering what I could say to describe just how electrifying the Carnegie Hall experience was, but everything comes out sounding trite. But now that I’m safely back home, you all deserve an update, trite or not, because in every comic-book-and-fairy-tale way, it was utterly awesome. Singing as a soloist at Carnegie Hall was […]

I'm leaving on a jet plane…

…airlines willing, I’ll be back late next Wednesday! I’m almost all packed and ready to head for New York City and Carnegie Hall. Our show is 8PM on Saturday, and rumor has it there might be a segment about us on the national CBS evening news on Sunday, so check your local listings and tune […]


Bandorama was a blast — the house was quite full Friday night and packed on Saturday. I just posted some recordings from Friday night on the recordings page, in case you couldn’t make it to the shows. Everyone was sounding even hotter Saturday night and the sound system got some much-needed TLC between the concerts, […]

Pasadena Weekly

The Pasadena Weekly has an article about the Caltech-Occidental Concert Band’s upcoming trip to Carnegie Hall — and were nice enough to promote Bandorama, too!

Two for the price of … free!

This Friday and Saturday, you can check the Caltech jazz bands and the Caltech-Occidental Concert Band at their annual Bandorama concerts. As always, Bandorama is a free show and they even feed the loyal audience cookies afterwards. In the first half, I’ll be singing a swinging Niehaus arrangement of “All of Me” with the big […]

Choir concert on Saturday!

If you’re footloose and fancy free at 8PM this Saturday, the Caltech Glee Clubs and the Caltech Chamber Singers will be putting on our annual spring concert. Among other things, we’ll be previewing several movements from the Brahms Requiem (we’ll be performing the full piece with the Caltech-Occidental Symphony at the end of the month), […]