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June 2024


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Kjerstin has moved…

I’m getting into new mischief, mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Disney Hall debut June 18, 2014!

Once again, I’ll be joining the Caltech-Occidental Concert Band as guest soloist for another adventure! I’ll be making my Walt Disney Concert Hall debut on June 18, 2014. Stay tuned for ticket information — I hope to see you there!

5/9/14 and 5/10/14: Caltech’s 34th Annual Bandorama

Next Month, I’ll be swingin’ back in Pasadena as a guest soloist with the Caltech-Occidental Concert Band as part of Caltech’s 34th Annual Bandorama concerts! The band will be previewing the set for our June 18, 2014 debut at Walt Disney Concert Hall! There are two chances to catch Bandorama: Friday and Saturday night at […]

KJ’s finally on YouTube!

As I was traipsing around the internet, a friend sent me a link to these lovely videos from Bandorama. So, if you missed it, or just want to relive an incredibly fun concert, here you go! I’ve also added a link on the recordings page.

5/11/12 and 5/12/12: Caltech’s 32nd Annual Bandorama

This weekend, I’m back in Pasadena as a guest soloist with the Caltech Thursday Jazz Band as part of Caltech’s 32nd Annual Bandorama concerts! I’ll be singing a lovely, lush arrangement of “Come Rain or Come Shine” and the sassy, swingy “Stuff Like That There”. There are two chances to catch the show: Friday and […]

Planetary Radio, Part 1

You can hear Part 1 of my Planetary Radio debut with Laurence Yeung at the Planetary Radio website or you can get it through iTunes by subscribing to the Planetary Radio podcast! Part 2 comes out on 1/2/12, so stay tuned! Laurence and I had a blast — what a great group of people to […]

12/17: Cosmic Girl

The kind folks at Planetary Radio have invited me to sing as part of the next Planetary Radio Live show on December 17 at the Crawford Family Forum in Pasadena! Laurence Yeung and I will jazz up the show with some spacey tunes, sharing the stage with host Mat Kaplan, Bill Nye (yep, the Science […]

Quiet, But a Very Good Year

Though there hasn’t been as much performing as I’d like (I’m always game for a spotlight), this year has been a big one — lots of excitement and change. I had surgery on both elbows, which put the kibosh on holding a microphone, much less hauling around a PA for much of the year, but […]

2/19: Guest Soloist with the Caltech-Occidental Concert Band

I’m excited to be featured again with the always-delightful Caltech-Occidental Concert Band! You may recall our hijinks in New York in 2008 — well, first Carnegie Hall, now the world! I’m going to China with the band in March, but our favorite LA folks can get a preview performance of our Beijing program on February […]

Going legit for November….

For the last several months, I’ve been spending almost as much time traveling for my robotics work as I’ve spent at home, which has made it a bit tough to keep up a regular performance schedule.  I’m excited to be back in town for a few weeks and even more excited to announce that I’ll […]